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Brands - Wind assessment

It was only some weeks before the fall of the Wall that Ammonit was founded in Kreuzberg, Berlin, in 1989. The two founders, Josef Schweizer and Christian Melzer, are still actively involved at Ammonit.
In that same year, Ammonit designed its first wind computer to collect accurate wind energy measurement data.
The first data logger, which set up standards that are now state-of-the-art, was the result of a close collaboration with research institutes, such as the Fraunhofer IWES (ISET in Kassel), and a professional network of other wind energy pioneers (e.g. DEWI, Windguard and Cube).
The core product of the Company is still the data logger, even though Ammonit also offers a wide variety of extremely precise sensors, data transfer systems and power supply systems.
With the expertise gained in the course of its history, Ammonit can provide bespoke measurement systems, as well as standard ready-for-use measurement systems, to be applied even in extreme weather conditions and remote areas.
Ammonit has a quality management system in place and is certified according to ISO 9001:2008.
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Leosphere, established in France in 2004, is a world leader in LiDAR (laser radar) atmospheric remote observations. The company offers new turnkey and user-friendly remote-sensing instruments allowing wind measurement, aerosol (ice, ash, dust, smoke) characterization and localization, and clouds height and atmospheric structure (boundary layer, aerosol layers).
The WINDCUBE LIDAR wind profilers allow the retrieval of the wind profile up to 6km. These data are critical for wind resource assessment studies on-shore and off-shore, for power performance verification of wind turbines and for monitoring the overall productivity of the wind farm. It is also a powerful instrument for meteorological agencies, airports and atmospheric research institutes since it provides high-resolution data on extreme weather events (eg hurricanes, cyclones ...), and wind shear on airports.
Leosphere also offers engineering services associated to these technologies (field surveys, on-demand development)
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NRG Systems
Since 1982, NRG Systems has made products to help customers measure and understand the wind.
While some companies serve multiple industries in the wind measurement field, NRG Systems has always served the wind energy industry exclusively.
NRG Systems serves electric utilities, turbine manufacturers, renewable energy developers, research institutes, and government agencies in more than 150 countries around the world: a commitment to developing the best technology, improving our world and protecting the environment.
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ZephIR Lidar provides ground-based hub height or turbine-mounted advanced accurate wind measurements for wind energy and meteorological applications onshore and offshore with leading wind lidar products, ZephIR 300 and ZephIR DM.
With 3 year warranty and support, 3 year service interval and DNV GL Stage 3 bankable status ZephIR Lidar accuracy and support is unmatched. Wind assessments can be performed throughout the project lifecycle with ZephIR 300 from site prospecting to full bankable Annual Energy Predictions (AEP) with limited or no on-site met mast data. Performance assessments can be performed by ZephIR DM on operational sites either ground-based or on-nacelle – a unique property of the Dual Mode (DM) system provided by ZephIR Lidar.
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Greenbyte AB is a Swedish software company in the renewable energy sector founded in 2010.
Breeze Development software is for wind developers and consultants managing professional wind resource assessments.
Breeze Production software is for wind farm owners and operators seeking to maximize production from their wind assets.
Greenbyte uses its expertise in wind power, computer science and modern interface design to create products that generate valuable and actionable insights for increased power output.
Our customers range from wind farm developers to owners and operators that own assets such as wind turbines met masts, or remote sensing devices. Their common need is to understand large sets of data from different sources.
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Carmanah is a Canadian company with common shares listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.
It represents one of the most trusted names in solar technology and its good reputation is due to the strongness and effectiveness of its products, that are used for industrial applications worldwide.
Even in the world's harshest environments, Carmanah solar LED lights and solar power systems provide a durable, dependable and cost effective energy alternative.
Carmanah specialises in self-contained solar LED lighting and solar power solutions within these markets: Outdoor Lighting, Aviation and Obstruction, Marine, Traffic, Grid-Tie, Go Power! / Mobile.
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Nexgen is a UK-based company that has been providing complete tilt-up systems for wind resource assessment, environmental evaluation and weather monitoring since 1995.
The company focus is to provide high quality equipment and combine it with a friendly and effective service.
Nexgen manufactures a range of tubular, tilt-up WindMasts from 20m to 80m. To complement the high quality wind monitoring system, a full range of ancillary equipment is also supplied.
Nexgen's offer is completed by the provision of customised solutions from the simple ‘Supply and Installation’, to Full Service packages covering all aspects of wind monitoring.
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Vector Instruments
Vector Instruments manufactures and sales quality, robust, professional wind speed and wind direction measuring equipment together with other weather sensors and associated equipment.
Recognised for many years as a leading name in the field of wind instrumentation for scientific research, Vector Instruments sensors have found new uses in environmental monitoring, alternative energy, utility, and industrial applications. For this wider market, the range of wind sensors has been extended to include several new versions featuring different transducer types, outputs and other features optimised for specific applications.
In Vector Instruments, products are permanently improved, with periodic updating of specifications, while maintaining compatibility with superseded products wherever possible.
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