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Narrow band UHF/VHF radio modems.
The perfect solution for a 24h/24h connectivity, easy to install and with no external interferences.

SATEL-LP - easy solution for simple I/O and serial communications
The new SATEL-LP product family offers an extremely easy solution for simple I/O and serial communications. With software-free radio setup, SATEL-LP offers a cost-effective wireless solution where it is too costly or not possible to run a wire. All SATEL-LP modules are DIN rail mountable. The communications over the air interface is secured with a 128-bit AES encryption and authentication.
The system consists of data transfer and expansion modules. The data transceiver modules are used for serial data transfer and expansion modules for I/O signals. I/O signals can also be connected directly to Modbus protocol devices with transceiver modules through RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces.
With SATEL-LP system it is easy and simple to create point-to-point, point-to-multipoint or large mesh networks up to 250 nodes. The comissioning can be done without any programming via the thumb wheel – a wireless connection is established automatically. Through AES encryption, frequency hopping spread spectrum, and coexistence management the system reliability is extremely high and data transfer is secured 24/7.
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SATELLINE - Serial radio modems
UHF / VHF radio modems for data transmission among radio modems located several kilometres apart. Suitable for both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint radio networks. Can work as repeaters as well.
A solution independent from mobile and satellite operators, with no cost of associated traffic. They can be used to implement radio networks both on private and on free frequencies.
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SATELLAR - IP-based Radio Modem
SATELLAR is the first narrow band and software defined radio available on the market, which has an embedded operating system and an ETH interface.
Transmission and processing data system based on a narrow band radio modem and an industrial PC with embedded Linux operating system sustained by an ARM architecture.
The operating system permits to manage different data interfaces among which the serial interface of the radio modem, the ETH interface and an USB interface. The system has its own data processing and recording capacities, works as a static router, permits to execute users applications, can work as a DHCP server and can be configured trhough a simple web connection and a configuration interface.
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OEM Radio modems
Customised radio modems. Several versions available
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Converters [serial I/O Analg./Dig.] - Pulse counters
These products aim at facilitating the wireless data transfer.
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CAE - Radio modem with Ethernet and serial port
Find out latest news on CAE products!
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RF and interface cables
Interface adapters
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