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Pali anemometrici tubolari, Torri tralicciate strallate e autoportanti fino a 145 metri
e relativi accessori

Nexgen 60/70/80m H1-Mast
60, 70 and 80 meters tubular masts for wind in CLASS 1
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60m XHD TallTower NRG
For CLASS 1 wind - specifically designed for anemometric campaigns
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80m XHD NRG TallTower - FAA Painted with Anchors
Taller turbines demand higher wind measurements. With its top sensor level at 80 meters, this 81.3 meter tower will give you reliable data at or near the hub height of today’s most commonly-used turbines.
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Accessories for tubular masts
• Anchors
• Booms
• Ginpoles
• Winch
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Accessories for lattice towers
• Anchors for lattice towers
• Booms
• Equipment to install lattice towers
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