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LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) - Instruments for wind assessment from 10 up to 200 metres

SPIDAR Vertical Profiler
Spidar uses Pulsed Direct Detect Lidar technology to deliver precise, bankable wind measurement data at a significantly lower cost than Doppler Lidar.
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The WINDCUBE® has the most units deployed of any LIDAR used for Wind Power applications.
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WINDCUBE 100S/200S/400S
The WINDCUBE 3D LIDAR product range is a versatile instrument that can address various needs in the Wind Power, climate research, severe weather and meteorology.
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The WINDCUBE®400S-AT LIDAR provides an operational answer for wind shear hazards: it scans in real time all potential hazard zones within the airport air space, detects wind shears to 10km range, and sends automatic alerts to air traffic controllers.
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FLiDAR is a 200m offshore meteorological station designed for marine renewable energy technologies such as offshore wind, wave, tidal. FLIDAR is developed by FLIDAR N.V.
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Wind Iris by Leosphere
The Wind Iris is mounted on top of the nacelle for a short period of time. It measures the horizontal wind speed and direction at hub height ahead of the turbine, and generates accurate data to optimize wind turbine performance.
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ZephIR 300 - Onshore Wind Lidar
The industry’s most validated wind lidar1 for ground-based, 10 metre to 200+ metre wind measurements ideal for site resource assessment, power curve measurements and bankable Annual Energy Prediction (AEP) campaigns at the lowest cost of lidar ownership available and a 3 year ZephIR Care warranty as standard onshore with no requirement for annual servicing or calibration.
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ZephIR 300M – Offshore Wind Lidar
ZephIR 300M Wind Lidar delivers ‘finance grade’ wind data offshore at a reduced cost compared to traditional anemometry often comprising tall met mast structures and seabed foundations. ZephIR is flexible; deployable on fixed or floating platforms and reduces your offshore wind energy project risks including financial, data uncertainty and health & safety.
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Lidar Rental
Turnkey Lidar Rental Service for onshore and offshore campaigns
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