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Sartelco Holding

20 years of business in Telecommunications and Renewables markets

The history of Sartelco Holding begins in 1992 when a group of executives from leading multinational companies in the Telecommunications fileld decided to start their own business.

Since then the Company has constantly evolved while remaining faithful to the principles of professionalism and technical competency, which had inspired its birth and early growth.

Professionalism and technical competency, always

In 1998, Sartelco Holding established a Division specifically dedicated to Wind assessment products and services.
Financially sound, the Company received several awards over the years, thanks to a good teamwork, to the responsiveness to market trends, and to the ability in foreseeing the evolution of the market's demand.

In 2006, subsequent to the entrance of new associates, Sartelco Biomasse Srl was founded.

In the course of 2007, a branch of the Company was sold, and Nuova Sartelco Sistemi Srl (afterwards renamed Sartelco Sistemi Srl) was established while the original Company took the name of Sartelco Holding Srl.
From then on, through its subsidiaries, Sartelco Holding Srl is active in both the Telecommunications and Renewables markets.

Sartelco Sistemi S.r.l.
A ISO 9001:2015 certified company
The Company is a value-added partner in the areas of wireless communications and industrial and professional anemometry for the development of wind farms.
In the Telecommunications market, Sartelco Sistemi provides products and professional services for automation wireless data communication, remote control and maintenance, M2M, telediagnosis, security and video surveillance, SCADA systems, automotive; at the service of the industry, public utilities and professional operators.
In the Wind Assessment market, the Company provides products and professional services for wind measurement, aimed at the implementation of wind energy farms and the installation of small-scale wind energy generating systems.


Sartelco Biomasse S.r.l.
Founded in 2006 in Senigallia (AN), the Company has its operational headquarters in Corinaldo (AN), where it owns a production plant of about 1.100 sqm. The main activity of this company iis focused on the collection, transportation and recovery from residues of each type of wood.
In 2010 Sartelco Biomasse Srl commissioned a photovoltaic plant of approximately 800sqm with an installed capacity of about 85KW.

In the same year, together with Sartelco Biomasse Srl, Sartelco Holding launched a photovoltaic plant of about 450 sqm, with an installed capacity of approximately 44kW.