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Product Warranty

Unless otherwise agreed or specified at the bottom of each sales invoice, the standard warranty recognized on new products is as follows:

12 months from the date of delivery on all new products. The warranty is recognized for a maximum value equal to the value of the faulty goods indicated on the invoice. It will apply only to material and workmanship defects. Other defects arising from incorrect installation, misuse, normal decay, wear and tear, negligence, lack of maintenance, incompetence and the damages caused by fires, floods and acts of God are not covered. Any incidental or consequential damage is always excluded. To return a defective product, under warranty or not, a prior written authorisation must be received from Sartelco® Sistemi S.r.l. ; material must be sent to one of our offices postage prepaid. For products made outside the EU the terms of warranty of the original manufacturers shall apply; these may contain further restrictions while the validity of 12 months remains.

IMPORTANT: For wireless products, please, notice that the use in Italy of transceiver devices and the related accessories is regulated by D.L.259 issued in the 1st of August 2003 and published on the official publication containing the text of new laws G.U. 214 of the 15th of September 2003.