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Solar obstruction and airfield lighting solutions.
Ideal for marking towers and other obstructions to aerial and ground navigation.

OL2A - Solar Safety Light
The OL2A is a solar marking light ideal for marking haul roads, barricades, obstacles and other hazards in mining, obstruction and construction zones. This compact, self-contained marking solution provides premium reliability and excellent value for use in hard-to-access locations.
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OL800 Solar Obstruction Light - Low Intensity
The OL800 features higher intensities and and new user features. Available in three engine sizes, the OL800 meets ICAO Type A and B, FAA L-810 and Casa 10 cd photometric requirements.
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OL2000 Solar Obstruction Light - Medium Intensity
The OL2000 offers all of the benefits of solar technology in a medium-intensity obstruction marking package. AC and Solar options available.
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