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Embedded Computers and IPC are the beating heart of today´s Enterprises, they control and record assembly, automation and logistics process and guarantee quality and efficiency. To meet the requirements we offer a wide range of classical 4U-Industrial Rackmount Computer, fanless Embedded Systems, Panel PCs or completely customer specific solutions.

Fanless Panel PCs
Panel PCs for industrial use. We offer a wide range suited to your application - for high temperatures, with a multitude of I/O Ports and with a user friendly touch interface.
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Fanless Embedded PCs
Compact embedded solutions are often used to monitor and control industrial processes. These are often fanless or relinquish moving parts altogether to increase reliability in heavy duty 24/7 scenarios. From demanding automated optical inspection applications with high computing power and realtime requirements to simple data logging with reliability as a prime concern, Welotec with its broad product range offers the right solution to your processing problem.
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19 Inch Rackmount
19" Rackmount systems are the classical Industrial Computers, they offer a reliable plattfom for control and data acquisition and fit perfectly into 19" standard racks. They offer an especially high degree of flexibility and support up to 12 Full-Size Expansion cards and can still provide full ISA support. Like all our IPC systems our 19 inch IPC distinguish themselves with the use of highest quality components, assembly in an ESD special protection zone, a full, documented systems test and 24-hour Burn-In testing before shipment.
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