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17.06.2013 | New SATELLINE-EASy Pro radio modem up to 35 W

New SATELLINE-EASy Pro 35W radio modem

SATELLINE-EASy Pro is the new UHF radio modem from SATEL Oy.

Thanks to its maximum output power of 25 or 35 W, it can reach distances up to 80 km.

This IP67 radio offers a complete programming flexibility that makes the ideal choice in any outdoor application (such as land surveying and telemetry) and under any extreme weather conditions.

Thanks to 4FSK and GMSK modulations it has never been so easy to use a UHF radio modem. The SATELLINE-Easy Pro is compatible with the well-known SATEL Oy SATELLINE-3AS and SATELLINE-EASy radio modems.